Dailys Omega-3 is your new super-sub for fish oil. Good news for you and the fish! We love to leave our finned friends alone ’cause there is plenty of other omega-3 in the sea. Short and sweet: Dailys Omega-3 has managed to skip the fish. We extract high quality and non-toxic EPA and DHA directly from cultivated algae. That’s right, the same source where fishes obtain their fatty acids. Be good to your brain, heart, eyes and planet. Do you help us create a future without fish oil? Follow the algaerithm of Dailys Omega-3!

No Fish,
no Toxins
Directly from
the source
for the planet

Until recently, fish oil was pretty much the only source for the essential omega-3 fatty acid. Because 25% of global fishing is used to produce omega-3, a sustainable alternative had to be found.

Firstly, to help the endangered oceans and fish stocks. Just like us, fish do not produce omega-3, but get it from algae. How nice it would be to skip the fish and get omega-3 directly from the source. Moreover, that would result in a cleaner product. Because oil that is pressed from fish is full of toxins that have to be filtered out in at least seven steps.

Fortunately, smart students made an important find. In the water of a mangrove forest, they discovered an algae species that was very rich in omega-3. The algae grew thanks to the nutrients from leaves in the water. We can now simulate this process and grow algae on a large scale according to a process patented in Europe. In large stainless steel tanks, with smart nutrients instead of leaves. But according to the same natural principle as in the mangroves.

The result? Dailys Omega-3: the best omega-3 supplement that you could wish for. Plant-based, fresh, pure and rich in DHA and EPA. Good for the ocean and good for you!


Dailys Omega-3 is a brand of Wellness Innovations: an enterprise dedicated to innovate products based on omega-3 from algae. We are market leader in the USA and Europe. We want to make a difference and change the omega-3 sector by offering the best and purest omega-3 directly from algae. It’s the most sustainable source for fatty acids and the better alternative for fish oil.

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